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Accounting and Finance key words

Accounting and Finance key words that an interviewer may focus on when you seek employment. accounts payable accounts bookkeeping private equity transactions capital budgets financial audit preparation financial planning and reporting financial statement review and research conduct variance analy... Read more

German unemployment drops to 6.8 percent in April

BERLIN (AP) — Germany’s unemployment rate fell to 6.8 percent in April thanks to a better-than-expected springtime boost in jobs. The drop of 0.3 percentage points compared to the previous month is equivalent to 111,000 fewer jobless. The Federal Labor Agency reported that 2.94 million peopl... Read more

The top 10 technical skills recruiters searched for in February 2014

The demand for talented coders, developers and language experts many times outweighs the supply Top 10 skills tech recruiters are looking for on social media. The top 10 technical skills recruiters searched for in February 2014, include: 1. Java/J2EE/Java Developer – 1.01M 2. C/C++/Objective C... Read more

Most searched jobs in February, not in the tech sector

1. Health/Healthcare 2. Nurse/RN/Registered Nurse 3. Marketing Manager/Marketing 4. Financial 5. Insurance/Health Insurance 6. Manufacturing 7. Customer Service 8. Non-Profit 9. Human Resources 10. Executive Chef 11. Case Manager 12. Plant Manager 13. Sous Chef 14. Real Estate 15. Cath Lab ... Read more

Higehst paying companies for interns

Company Average monthly base pay Palantir 7,012.00 USD Vmware 6,966.00 USD Twitter 6,791.00 USD Linkedin 6,230.00 USD Facebook 6,213.00 USD Microsoft 6,138.00 USD Ebay inc 6,126.00 USD Exxon mobil 5,972.00 USD Google 5,969.00 USD Apple 5,723.00 USD ... Read more

Germany Migration Report 2012

Over a million immigrants came to Germany in 2012 . Thus, the official report on migration has the highest number since 1995. Also: Meanwhile , more than half of Turkish descent born in Germany . The number of arrivals to Germany is then increased in 2012 compared to 2011 . More than a million peopl... Read more

19 Best Artistic Jobs Requiring a Bachelor’s Degree

1. Public Relations Specialists 2. Multi Media Artists and Animators 3. Architects, Except Landscape and Naval 4. Technical Writers 5. Special Education Teachers, Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary School 6. Writers and Authors 7. Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Education 8. Secondar... Read more

Sales Technology

These workers sell products such as industrial machinery, data processing equipment, and pharmaceuticals, plus services such as investment counseling, insurance, and advertising. They advise customers of the capabilities, uses, and other important features of these products and services and help cus... Read more

Managerial Work in Sales and Marketing

These workers direct or manage various kinds of selling and/or advertising operations—either a department within a business or a specialized business firm that con- tracts to provide selling and/or advertising services. These workers usually carry out their activities according to policies and pro... Read more

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